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Using Bing Maps page with Advanced Menu module

If you have Advanced Menu module installed in your Orchard Web Site, there are a few steps you have to do in order to make the new Bing Maps Page Content Type communicate with Advanced Menu module and create correct Menu Relations.

You can find Advanced Menu module at the following link

Login to your Orchard Administration site and press Content, then select Content Types tab.

Find Bing Maps Page content type and press Edit.


On next screen, Press Add Parts.


If you have Advanced Menu module correctly installed, on the following list you will see the Menu Relation part available. Select it and press Save. If you want you can also choose any other part to add in your Bing Maps page, like Localization, Tags, etc. If you want your users to be able to add comments under a Bing Maps page you have to select the Comments part.


Last step is to remove the default Menu part from your Bing Maps page. Click remove at the Menu part, press Ok on the confirmation dialog and Press Save.


Now you have a Bing Maps page with a Menu Relation part that communicates correctly with the Advanced Menu module.

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